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Film of the Week: Os Faroleiros
World Cup: Managers, pick your movie (Dec 16th)
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  • Today, 12:19 PM
    Armoreska: Didn't you get that wrong? You will stop wasting time now and resume spending quality time on this forum.
  • Today, 5:04 AM
    Hunziker: Hey guys! The semester's finally over, I can "waste" my time in the forum again :D
  • Oct 20 2017, 09:09:31 AM
    Armoreska: welcome back
  • Oct 18 2017, 03:17:06 PM
    Nopros2: And never recieved validation-email for this user so I can't post anything. Can someone please fix my regular account? :(
  • Oct 18 2017, 03:16:09 PM
    Nopros2: Please help, my usual account is fucked and I can't read the forums
  • Oct 18 2017, 03:15:34 PM
    Nopros2: Hello
  • Oct 11 2017, 12:35:39 AM
    wowwee123: Come join us in the 3+ challenge... http://www.icmforum.com/topic/10164088/
  • Sep 3 2017, 02:37:31 AM
    Thorkell: Can't log in. I always get: Whoops! Your form session has expired. Please submit the form again. What is happening?
  • Aug 31 2017, 03:13:31 PM
    RBG: it's back. whew
  • Aug 31 2017, 04:07:29 AM
    RBG: umm...icheckmovies is gone

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