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Regular Forum General Film Discussion Rank the Films in These Loose/Thematic Tri… Today, 2:41 AM, By Mate_cosido
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Subforums: Film Logs, Past FotW and SotD
Regular Forum List Discussion TSPDT updates Today, 11:39 PM, By Nathan Treadway
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Regular Forum Our lists and projects
500<400, Favourite 1001 movies, Doubling the Canon, Film World Cup and many other votes
World Cup, Season 3, Match 1A: Russia vs I… Today, 2:18 AM, By Nathan Treadway
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Subforums: Film World Cup, Awards game
Regular Forum Challenges Challenge: Films on at least 3 official lists One minute ago, By wowwee123
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Regular Forum Games Guess Today, 2:24 AM, By sol
11 viewers Topics: 256 Replies: 36,600
Regular Forum Off-Topic US Politics thread Today, 2:32 AM, By Good_Will_Harding
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Regular Forum Music, games, books, TV and other arts The TV Lounge Today, 3:18 AM, By Hunziker
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  • Yesterday, 2:55 PM
    AdamH: Temporary member. Gives them access to forum to restore stuff (deleted members, posts etc.)
  • Yesterday, 10:56 AM
    sol: I assume the new Admin member ZBSupport is a ZetaBoards official representative??
  • Jan 16 2018, 09:48:54 PM
    AdamH: Me too!
  • Jan 16 2018, 08:20:01 PM
    Cynical Cinephile: I'm loving the activity lately! :)
  • Jan 9 2018, 02:26:37 PM
    Armoreska: Stay fresh. Don't post!
  • Jan 8 2018, 05:35:35 PM
    monk-time: Great Green Username Invasion of 2018 is in progress.
  • Jan 7 2018, 11:16:21 PM
    mathiasa: Armoreska, hahahahaha, I loved Body Melt.
  • Jan 7 2018, 10:50:07 PM
    Armoreska: You've already seen Body Melt
  • Jan 7 2018, 03:00:13 PM
    AdamH: Lauren might know some
  • Jan 7 2018, 12:40:49 PM
    mathiasa: any recommendations for some good austrialian sci-fi movies with an imdb rating of less than 5.4?

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