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Welcome to the schedule of iCM Forum World Cup - Season 3 - Round 1. If you don't know what this is. Read the preparation topic.

Rules in the group phase:
- You must watch all 4 films of a match before you vote.
- To vote, rank the 4 films from most favorite to least favorite. (note: you're ranking the individual films, not the countries)
- The top 2 of each group will proceed to the next round.
The winners of the match will be decided using these rules:
  • Lowest average ranking determines the winner.
  • In case of a tie between two movies, head-to-head determines the winner (how many people thought A>B and how many thought B>A).
  • In case there's still a tie after the previous rule or there is a tie between three or four movies, most #1-votes determines the winner.
  • Still a tie? Fewest #4-votes determines the winner.
  • Still a tie? The match will have a 3 day extension.
  • Same rules apply to determine second place, of course.
- Don't vote in this thread. Each match will have its own thread according to the schedule.

ICM-list of all movies in this World Cup

List of all topic related to the World Cup

Round 1 schedule
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