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As someone on the other side of the world, I actually wish that the sun would go away. We are quite a few days into autumn now and it actually feels like the days are getting hotter rather than cooler. :sweat:

Been too long to comment on The Virgin Spring in depth, but I do not recall being particularly impressed by it. Then again, The Seventh Seal does not even rank among my top 10 Bergman films, so we quite possibly have vastly different views on what we like in his oeuvre.

World on a Wire was the first film that I saw in 2018. The visuals are indeed great. If you liked the look of the film, I would highly recommend Despair, which Fassbinder shot in a similar manner with fluid camera movements, lots of reflective surfaces and so forth. Looking back at what I wrote a few months ago, I thought the film ended on a weak note, though I actually cannot vividly recall the ending off-hand.


Peeping Tom is part of your film course? I know I watched it myself as a course screening back in the day when I was studying film. I also rewatched it on DVD a few years ago - though nowhere near recently enough to comment in depth.

I saw We Need to Talk About Kevin during its theatrical run and have never really been drawn to revisit it, though with the Women Directors challenge this month, now would be the perfect time. Funnily enough, Swinton's tour-de-force performance is the only thing I recall liking from my single viewing of the film. I hated how unsubtly the colour red kept creeping into pivotal shots. I think I even audibly giggled when she ducked behind some bright red tomato soup cans in the supermarket!

I did recall having an interesting discussion at the time about the character of Kevin and whether...

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