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Viewing Single Post From: Which Films Did You See Last Week?
St. Gloede
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Seen 3 of yours this week. Frozen River was quite a great neo noir, with Leo's perhaps best performance, showing what she was capable off before her Oscar. I need to take a look at what she has been doing lately. I mostly agree on An Education, pretty good, but not quite great. Up I loved on my first viewing, but it fell a lot upon a rewatch as its childish elements really stuck out. Still cute, well made and with a good sense of wonder, but the final act especially is not on par.

As for the films I had not seen, too bath about Girlfight, The Invitation was very fresh and incredibly well done. The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb is the one that intrigues me the most, I'll keep an eye out for it.

I love Vertov (mostly) but have not cared to seek out his Pravdas. I should seek out the Kino Pravda films eventually. Might also seek out the Russian Sherlock Holmes films eventually.

I had a similar view of Only Lovers Left Alive though I really enjoyed the slow pace and ended up finding it great. Share your views on The American Soldier. It just felt silly, though parts were creative. One of Fassbinder's very weakest. As for Tron, sure, agreed.

@Perception de Ambiguity
Too bad you didn't love Aa Bakudan but I more or less share your ratings on Hitler and Woolf.

Not seen any of yours, though I should be seek The Fourth Dimension soon.

Only seen The Shape of Water this time, so no disagreements this week. ;)

A bit embarrassed to say I have seen none of yours as I have been meaning to explore Wiseman further for ages and these are two of his shortest. Wil try to watch them soon, and will prioritize High School.
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