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Erice in place. Seen in the back: George Lucas who put on his Erice disguise in hope of getting to pose for the picture, unfortunately arriving too late.

1. Furtivos / Poachers (José Luis Borau 1975)
Angel lives with his mother in the forest, but when he finds love in the city, he also finds trouble. The story is a parable of how the Franco regime treated their people. That Borau could create such a daring criticism and get away with it is an achievement. Some of the scenes here are really cruel. The film is heavy on atmosphere, with some great photography. 4/5

2. Elisa, vida mía / Elisa, My Love (Carlos Saura 1977)
Being a great admirer of Saura's work from La Caza on and including all the films with (muse) Geraldine Chaplin, I had been holding this one off for a long time. It didn't disappoint. Although more slow paced than usual, it paid off with some of the most beautiful sequences I've seen from him. It's incredible how comfortably he can move between reality and flashbacks or fantasy at this point. And Geraldine was great, this might well be her best work as an actress. 4.5/5
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